County League Master



There are online league systems and then there's County League Master. Whatever you could wish for, it can do it.




County League Master
The most versatile and easy to use Online League system available.


What is County League Master?

County League Master is a web based league administration system that allows you to host the whole of your league on the Internet, where it is accessable to all players and club members alike.

Why use County League Master?

Running leagues that involve clubs or players that are not based in one place, always has an inherent administrative problem. How do you make sure everyone is kept up-to-date? Whether it is fixture details, results or league positions, the collating of data and its distribution is a headache. But if the Internet is designed for anything, this is it!

You have complete password control over who can enter results and you can see instantly the positions in each division.


Basic Features:
  • Displays an unlimited number of clubs, teams and fixtures.
  • Can be tailored to suit almost any system.
  • Gives full information on clubs, managers and players, including the facility to display maps and web sites.
  • Different levels of password give access to basic result entry up to full site control.
  • Maintain historical information going back as far as you like.
  • Full content management system for Results Entry, News and Events.
  • Create knockout tournaments and Monrad tournaments which can be updated online.



Data Entry

Each team or club can log in to enter results online and these are immediately reflected in the overall league positions.

Monitoring System

A monitoring system is constantly running, advising teams by email of results that are needed, checking points and nomination orders, as well as a whole range of other criteria.

However you want to run your leagues, County League Master can do it!


Surrey Squash League

North West Kent Priory Squash League

Outer Kent Squash League

Kent Racketball League

Middlesex Squash League


Wondering if County League Master will suit your needs?

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